Compare POS Features

Within our robust and ever-expanding feature set, you'll find the functionality your business needs.

To name a few big ones:


  • Specific Multi-Room Table Layout
  • Integrated PCI Compliant Gateways and Devices
  • Easy-Split Checks Access
  • Dedicated Feast Support
  • Employee Timecards
  • Seat and Course Numbering
  • Multi-Printer Order Routing
  • Customer Email Tracking
  • Remote Backend Office (Windows or Mac)
  • Standardized, Exportable Reports
  • Inventory Management

Compare Feast Android POS to other POS systems

The Traditional

  • Very Expensive
  • Bulky, Outdated Hardware
  • Long Contracts
  • Hard to Scale, Hard to Use
  • The Modern

  • Still Expensive
  • Still Proprietary Hardware
  • Confusing Interface
  • Reliability - just OK
  • The Anti-Tech

  • Sloppy paper ticket system
  • No built in reports
  • No built in time cards
  • No built in ANYTHING

  • We aren't interested in bashing the competition, only in giving a great product at a fair price.

    There are many types of Point of Sale (POS) to choose from.

    What makes Feast Android POS the best choice for you?

    • Highly Intuitive Interface

      Save on training time
      Increase efficiency
      Reduce waste from error

    • Mobile and Wireless

      Take/send orders from anywhere in your network
      Process payments from the tableside
      Easy to add devices and scale up

    • FREE Software Upgrades

      Upgrades for the lifetime of your system
      Updates through the App Store and auto-updates on the backend

    • Remote Management

      Accessible through any browser, anywhere in the world
      Track moment-to-moment activity, manage settings and content in real-time

    • Exportable Reporting

      Search by date/time range, user, even groups you create
      Upload to your accounting software - the formats and fields it needs

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