Extend your Android POS system

There could be ways you want to enhance your SETUP.
We are in constant development at Feast HQ, both in Core Features, and in Feast Extensions.


Android KDS Feast

Android Kitchen Display System

Feast toGo

Online Ordering Platform
FEAST ToGo now makes it easy to put your Restaurant's menu online and makes ordering from it even easier! By syncing your online menu to the Feast Android point of sale (POS) app, you control all of your menu items from one single location. When you offer a new dish or update pricing to your restaurant's menu, you can see the changes to your online menu instantaneously.

Feast Local Server (FLS)

In-house dedicated Mac Mini server

What is Feast Local Server?

LLS is a dedicated server installed on a Mac Mini computer.
Since the server is setup in-house, your business can continue operating even when there is no Internet connection to the cloud servers.

While using LLS, Our Android POS will remains fully functional during an Internet "outage". As soon as the connection to the cloud server is restored, all of the latest sales data will be automatically uploaded and synced.

Why do you need it?

  • Improved performance with on-site server
  • Fail-safe backup to ensure non-credit card orders are always processed regardless of Internet connection
  • Independence from your slow or inconsistent Internet connection
  • Your local Internet Service Provider (ISP) occasionally drops your Internet connection
  • The nature of cloud computing is inherently at the mercy of your internet connections stability and speed

Why do you need it?

Platinum customers: FREE software and no additional monthly cost.

Gold customers: Increase monthly subscription to $99.95 with no software cost.

*** This price excludes Certified Distributor costs, however does include Feast Support ***

You may have some good ideas

of ways to EXPAND Feast Android POS.

Does your Business Have Special Needs?

Our core product was created in a way that allows for expansion. Developers can access certain data and create new products that fullfill special requirements.

Are you a Developer?

We ENCOURAGE Developers to build on top of the POSFeast core. There are plenty of ways to be a part of this growing product base, and we can connect you to customers who want your products.
Whether it is Customer Facing apps, Facebook integration, Signage, or something totally new, we are happy to discuss these opportunities with you.
Email us to ask about Feast POS.

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