How to setup Feast Android POS

Easy Set Up: Software + Hardware

Our Android POS is easy enough to self-install, but some prefer a Complete Feast Package.
Unless your set up is basic or you are a tech-head, we recommend you let a Certified Feast Android POS distributor get your business system setup right!

There are 2 Ways to Get Set Up

You can get your hands dirty or you can let a professional take the wheel.


Feast Android POS is SOFTWARE. We do not support hardware setup.
Although hardware setup is relatively easy, please remember that after you make the purchase of the software, you need to be tech-savvy enough to set up the hardware to work with our Android POS software.


Looking for the full package? Or maybe just Menu Setup?
Something in between?
Our Certified Distributors are trained in all ways Feast and will ensure your system is set up right and running tight!

Hardware Setup

We are Android POS software Company.
But we run on Hardware. We recommend an all-Apple setup for wireless connectivity.

Tech-Savvy? Feast Android POS system setup is simple and easy.

We recommend using a Certified Distributor to install/guide you through set up of our point of sale system.

If you choose to do it yourself, we will provide one hour phone support for setup and configuration.

Need help getting set up? Find a Certified Distributor near you!

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