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Feast Android POS: An intelligent combination of cloud computing, wireless technologies, and a sleek touchscreen interface

Feast Android POS + Kitchen Nightmares

A match made in Restaurant heaven ... We teamed up with Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares TV show this season to do what they both do best in restaurant business : make the daily routine easier so you can focus on doing better business. Keep it simple and do it right!

Stay tuned for the next Android POS + Kitchen Nightmares Episode coming soon!

Android Point of Sale | POS

Partners team up providing the best Android POS experience


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Certified Distributors Make our Android POS Easy to setup

We recommend that every installation be performed by a Certified Distributor.
Our Distros (as we call them) are trained to get you set up right the first time, and keep your business running smoothly so you can focus on what you do best !

Customers love Feast POS!

POS Feast has a been the answer to the question most small restaurants have, 'Why are P.O.S. systems so expensive, antiquated and unreliable?!' POS Feast is simple, efficient, and cost-effective. Finally a Point-of-Sale system that makes sense!!

Connects to the web via high-speed Wi-Fi.

This is a WIRELESS solution. NO WIRES attached to your ordering devices. Go mobile with your POS terminal device.

We takes full advantage of the powerful technology built into the Apple Android, iPod Touch, and iPhone.


It takes minutes to train any employee to use our Android POS system.

Feast is built to maximize the potential of Apple touchscreen devices. With its intuitive interface, Feast Android POS will be the easiest system you will ever use. New restaurant owner will definetely love our Android restaurant software.


Get the best technology available and get the BEST DEAL!

We are full-featured Android Point of Sale system for thousands less than comparable systems! The current functionality and feature set allows the software to be both powerful and versatile, a solution for Coffee Shop POS, Bar POS, Restaurant POS, and more - all at an affordable price.

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